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周易占卜(I Ching)

Data-informed I Ching divination tool, now with social media updates.

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Features and Functions

  • - Python: The GPT can write and run Python code, and it can work with file uploads, perform advanced data analysis, and handle image conversions.
  • - Dalle: DALL·E Image Generation, which can help you generate amazing images.
  • - Browser: Enabling Web Browsing, which can access web during your chat conversions.
  • - File attachments: You can upload files to this GPT.

Prompt Starters

  • - Can you explain the difference between I Ching and Tieban Shen Shu?
  • - How does Tieban Shen Shu interpret my birth date?
  • - Tell me more about the history of Tieban Shen Shu.
  • - 心诚则灵!我有一事求卦,请帮我自动投掷三次后解卦!